Monday, April 4, 2011

No One REALLY Tells You

"It's the most wonderful time in your life."

"Your going to be glowing!  Just bursting with energy and vigor!"

"It's all worth it in the end, you'll see."

That last one is the one I wished I payed more attention to.  If I had looked at it closely I would have seen the giant red WARNING splashed across the front of that seemingly comforting comment.

I want to start this blog by saying I couldn't be happier that I am pregnant.  I am thrilled to meet my baby and determined to conquer any physical and emotional hurdles along the way.  That being said...pregnancy kind of sucks.  It's not the morning sickness (which wasn't so bad for me, sorry moms!), or the soreness, or the emotional up and downs, or the dry eyes, itchy stretching skin, stretch marks, or the fact you lose your balance and topple like a 14 year old boy.  It's the fact that at any moment, any day, there is some new crazy pregnancy symptom that you never experienced before and never even knew could exist!

Countless times I run to the computer thinking, 'uh oh I'm probably dying', only to find out the weird spots I've been seeing are a totally harmless side effects of blood pressure ups and downs associated with carrying your bundle of joy.

Headaches?  Ya, that's totally normal.

A never ending runny nose?  Your making more mucus now.  Also it's allergy season, but don't take any medication for it.  Or for your headaches.  Except Tylenol, which does nothing.

Tired all the time?  Go for a walk!  Cause that is for sure the first thing you want to do when your exhausted.

My back is so sore! happens.

I can't seem to get full enough?  Oh that's because your eating for two silly!  But you will want to be sure to avoid all your favorite foods, only organic celery and whole grain oats for you now!  Also don't eat everything in sight, your only supposed to take in a few hundred more calories per day.

I cried 2 times for no reason today.  Call me when it's 5.

Yet somehow, when you really sit down and think about it, the only thing that matters is the tiny growing baby inside your belly.  And the overwhelming sense of joy at the thought of holding that child you carried for 9 months.  It doesn't make all the aches and pains go away mind you.  But it helps you realize that in the end, it will all be worth it.

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  1. Very funny writing Neesha, look forward to reading more posts here as your pregnancy progresses. You will have many more symptoms as I remember.