Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being Pregnant Means You Can't Even Lift Your Cat

There is a list the size of China of things you're not supposed to do when you are pregnant.  And the funny thing to me is, it varies from culture to culture.

Here's a fun experiment.  Take an 8 month pregnant woman, stick a glass of wine in her hand and force her to walk through a room of young new mothers (young is key, the older generations don't mind as much).  The glaring eyes of judgment alone will be enough to send that pregnant woman running.

Now fly that poor mom-to-be over to Italy and do the same thing.  The women in the room would be pouring more wine into her glass as she walks by.  "It's good for the baby!"

Personally, I'd rather be in Italy.

So which culture is right?  Which doctor is right?  Which opinion is right?  You get them thrown at you left and right.  From the internet, from doctors, from other women.  And I appreciate most of them, yes most of them, but how are you really to know exactly what is ok?  My Ob-Gyn might say something completely different from another.

Yes there are hard fast rules and facts to being pregnant.  For example, heroine is bad for a growing fetus: fact.  But I'm talking about the things that have a little wiggle room.  Like sleeping on your back, having a glass of wine once in awhile, drinking beverages with caffeine, etc.  Some women will tell you flat out you aren't a good mother and don't love your baby if you do any of those things.  Of course, the majority indulge from time to time.

Here's the latest one for me, "you can't lift heavy things."  Ok, easy enough.  Except that we are moving this week.  Do you know how difficult it is to pack up an entire house with out lifting a single heavy thing?  And at what point is it too heavy?

I picked up one box, "No you can't do that your pregnant!"

I slid another one across the carpet, "That's too much weight, don't do that!"

Frustrated, I leaned against the wall and picked up my cat.  She's gained some mass lately, and weighs a ton so I immediately put her down.  "Sorry Lily, I'm pregnant now, your too fat for me to pick up."


  1. Just ask me, I'll let you know what you can and can't do. :P

  2. Ok thank you! Cause I definitely feel like my perception is off from others. Although Dan just asked if I could help him move our couch out of the house so at least he still thinks I am helpful!

    (I said no to that one though)

  3. Lilly would kill you if she knew you posted that unflattering photo!