Thursday, September 1, 2011

11 Days and Counting

It's September 1st!

I know I'm getting close to my due date because the loaf of bread I bought today expires right before it.  It's the best way to judge how close something is, when your groceries have that day (or near that day) as their expiration date.

I think we found the babies pediatrician finally.  Talk about doing things last minute.  His name is Dr. Steven Elliott and he is with Piedmont Pediatrics.  He looks super goofy in his picture on the website but I assure you he is perfectly normal looking in real life.  We met with him today and I really liked his manner.  Dan and he even rivaled their sports teams a little (I don't think that sentence was correct but I'm going with it anyway).  So that is a load off.

Been trying to whittle down my list of a hundred things to do.  Finding a pediatrician was a big one, I'm getting through the ridiculous amount of book keeping there is for the business, the house is slowly getting neater and cleaner (it's hard to bend over and scrub a tub when your 9 months!), Sydney is spayed, the mountain of laundry is now a hill, and I have at least watched some of the birthing video we bought so I'm not completely unprepared.  Hooray light at the end of the tunnel!

Then, of course, the baby comes and there are a thousand things to do.

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  1. Your funny, So true the last sentence! Very excited to be heading down in a couple of days:)