Wednesday, June 1, 2011

25 Weeks

Here is the growing belly!  I cropped my head out because I was making a silly face.

I had another visit with the midwife today.  Pretty standard stuff, pee in a cup/all over your hands, blood pressure, weight (I've gained 11 lbs).  The office hired a new midwife so she came in to meet with me and chat.  She took one look at my chart and goes, "oh which Kingdom Hall do you go to?  When is your convention?  Mines at the end of August."  It completely caught me off guard!  But it's neat to think the baby might get delivered by a Witness.  It was also comforting to think she might be around if there is any sort of blood issue.

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  1. Your belly is growing finally. You look adorable its very exciting!