Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If You Look Really Closely...

I hit the 5 month mark on Monday.  If I lay on my back, lift my shirt a bit, and suck in my tummy, you can definitely tell there is something growing in there.  Otherwise I kind of feel like I just look like I have a beer gut.

A lot has been going on lately.  We moved into a new house in April, then this past week we moved into a new studio space.  Dan needed more room for his photography, etc. so he rented a unit next to the one he was sharing with another guy.  The fun thing is the new unit is big enough so I get to have my own studio!  I'll post pictures as soon as we get it set up a bit.


  1. Oh my I forgot about this blog until tonight. You have a little tummy starting there. Its so cute. You look awesome. So glad you are posting pictures. Miss you.

  2. You look great! I hated the beer gut stage, but soon enough you will have a big belly! :)